Interview 155: Brian Bertges on "Fraternities and Sororities"
Interview 157: Rick Clark and Brennan Barnard on "Miscellaneous Admission Topics"

Interview 156: Dr. Eric Neubuehl on “The Importance of Student Engagement”

Dr. Eric Neubuehl
  • Dr. Neubuehl gives his backstory
  • Eric shares what the research shows when a student has an on-campus job vs an off-campus job
  • Eric shares some of the other benefits that the data shows accrue to students who are more engaged in the college vs the student that is less engaged in the college
  • Eric talks about the 50-60 recommendation letters he writes a year
  • Lisa asks Eric what does East Carolina specifically do to help with student success?
  • Dr. Neubuehl answers the question, what do you do with students who are not engaged or involved
  • Eric talks about the difference between in-person and virtual student engagement
  • Eric talks about the importance of student orientation
  • Eric gives advice for transfer students
  • Lisa asks Erik how they handle all of the diversity of opinions on campus
  • Lisa asks if it is harder today to deal with free speech issues on campus
  • How can a college assess how well a college does with supporting students
  • Erik talks about what to look for in a private school versus a public college to examine the long-term viability of a college
  • Lisa asks Erik what type of student is East Carolina good for
  • Erik goes on the hot seat

You can also listen on Episode 364, Episode 366, and Episode 368

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