Interview 154: Lee Coffin on "Answers to Tough Questions about College Admissions"
Interview 156: Dr. Eric Neubuehl on "The Importance of Student Engagement"

Interview 155: Brian Bertges on “Fraternities and Sororities”

Brian Bertges
  • Brian gives his backstory
  • Brian shares his own experience with joining a fraternity as a freshman, and it is quite a story indeed
  • Brian explains the value a fraternity brings to the college student experience.
  • Brian answers the question, do fraternities have a drinking problem
  • Lisa asks Brian, how often do fraternities go rogue and not follow the values
  • Lisa and Brian have a very deep conversation about the motivations for the behavior that we all have, discussing things like fear and reward
  • Lisa asks Brian about whether date rape and sexual assault and whether it is a problem in fraternity life
  • Lisa asks Brian about the documentary, “Bama Rush”
  • Lisa asks Brian about the website, Greekrank, does he recommend websites like Barstool and Greekrank
  • Lisa asks if Brian’s fraternity is open to accepting trans students
  • Lisa asks how can a fraternity judge whether they are successful and Brian gives Lisa five areas to look for to judge if a college is successful
  • Lisa asks what advice does he have for student, parents and college counselors, applying to college
  • Lisa closes by putting Brian on the hotseat and Brian has a book recommendation that changed his life

You can also listen on Episode 358, Episode 360, and Episode 362

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