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Interview 155: Brian Bertges on "Fraternities and Sororities"

Interview 154: Lee Coffin on “Answers to Tough Questions about College Admissions”

Lee Coffin
  • Lee tells us about his background, going all the way back to when he was in High School
  • Lee answers the question, how is being a Dean in a boarding school different than being a dean in college admissions
  • Lee answers the question, what were the differences being a Dean at Connecticut College, compared to Tufts, compared to at Dartmouth College
  • Lee explains the difference between their ED and RD admit rate
  • Lee talks about how athletic recruiting skews the Early Decision numbers
  • Lee continues talking about how Early Decision
  • Julia asks Lee if not submitting test scores puts a student at a disadvantage at Dartmouth and Lee breaks some news that I don’t think many people know about
  • Lee answers the question of what role do AP scores play in admissions decisions
  • How do you evaluate the student who does not submit his/her test scores?
  • Julia asks if a student should only submit their test scores if their scores are at the median test scores or if would you recommend they submit if they are anywhere in the middle 50% of the testing profile
  • Lee explains one of the biggest misperceptions about test-optional applicants, and he shares what their initial observations are for those who are not submitting test scores
  • Are you seeing more non-competitive applicants now that students don’t have to submit test scores
  • Mark asks Lee how he plans on handling the use of Chat GPT by students
  • Mark asks Lee how he plans on handling it when he senses a student is using Chat GPT
  • Mark asks Lee, now that you are up 30% in applications, what changes have you made to recruitment and events, file reading, or predicting yield? You want to listen to Lee’s answer as he really breaks some news her
  • I asked Lee if they had made any changes to their predictive modeling method to calculate yield

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