YCBK 418: Lessons Learned From SACAC, College Visits and Meetings with Admission Officers [Transcript]
Swarthmore College (PA)

Interview 174: Lydia Dagenais on “Haverford and Swarthmore colleges”

Lydia Dagenais and Julia Esquivel
  • Lydia shares her backstory
  • I ask Lydia, the students that pick Swarthmore over Haverford, why do they do it, and the students that pick Haverford over Swarthmore, why do they do it?
  • Julia, so what do you want our listeners to know about Lydia that she didn’t share?
  • Julia, explain the bi-co and tri-co consortium in case our listeners are not familiar with it
  • Lydia, how do you feel the various roles you have had have prepared you to be a college counselor?
  • What would you say are the differences between east coast students and parents vs Midwest students and parents when it comes to expectations and values when it comes to looking for a college?

You can also listen on Episode 413, and Episode 415

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