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Interview 11: Jed Applerouth on “How is the ACT different from the SAT”

Jed Applerouth
Dr. Jed Applerouth is the founder of Applerouth Tutoring and Test prep Jed talks about the ways the ACT is different than the SAT. Jed shares how you should determine whether you take the SAT or the ACT? Jed talks about both tests are appealing to the state sponsored testing. Jed also talks about when to start your test prep.Jed discusses, what do you do when are running out of time on the test? Jed talks about whether you need science knowledge to do well on the ACT. Jed talks about how self beliefs, the mental side impact test scores. Jed shares how the essay portion of the tests are different. Jed tells us about the new computerized test. He shares what changes he expects in the next five years with the ACT and SAT. Jed discusses how to give a kid confidence on the test. (Length 45:20)

You can also listen on Episode 28 and Episode 29

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