Interview 176: Andy Strickler on "Understanding Connecticut College"
YCBK 419: Mark and Vince discuss observations from this year’s admission decisions

Interview 177: Marjorie Betley on “STARS College Network”

  • Marjorie gives her backstory. Deputy Director of Admissions at the University of Chicago
  • Marjorie shares statistics of rural students at U Chicago
  • Marjorie explains what the history of the STARS (Small Town and Rural Students) College Network is
  • Marjorie explains what the Emerging World Leaders Program is
  • Marjorie gives an overview of the Small Town and Rural Students Network, and she shares the mission of the Network
  • Marjorie talks about the importance of diversity on a college campus
  • Marjorie talks about how much variety there is within rural locations
  • Marjorie explains how the 16 schools in the STARS Network came together
  • Marjorie explains why rural schools often don’t get many college admission visitors
  • Marjorie shares changes she expects to happen with the STARS network over the next few years.
  • Marjorie gets into the nuts and bolts of what STARS does to recruit students, and she shares a lot of very creative ways that the 16 colleges in the STARS Network are using
  • Marjorie talks about how important School Profiles are to assist admission officers in accurately reading admission files from their schools
  • Marjorie talks about ways in which the STARS Network tries to educate rural students about what the opportunities are for their students
  • Marjorie explains how Khan Academy and School House can help rural students
  • Marjorie talks about her adjustment from a rural school to the University of Chicago
  • Marjorie talks about the mentorship and peer-to-peer support that is available for students once they get to campus
  • Marjorie talks about the very creative “Bridging the Divide program” that is run through the Institute of Politics at the University of Chicago
  • Marjorie and Lynda talk about the skepticism rural students increasingly have about the value of college
  • Marjorie talks about an outstanding program Northwestern is offering for rural students
  • Marjorie gives her advice to rural students, rural parents, and college counselors working with rural students
  • Marjorie shares where students can learn more about The STARS Network
  • Marjorie goes on the hot seat in our lightning-round

You can also listen on Episode 416, Episode 418, and Episode 420

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