Interview 175: Lydia Dagenais on "How Law School Admissions work"
Interview 177: Marjorie Betley on "STARS College Network"

Interview 176: Andy Strickler on “Understanding Connecticut College”

  • Andy tells us how the mission statement impacts the student experience.
  • Andy answers the question, “Why come to Conn College”
  • Andy tells us how the honor code impacts the experience at Conn College
  • Andy talks about how they create community at Connecticut College
  • How does the history of formerly being a women’s college impact the culture at Conn College
  • Andy talks about how Connections, which is a hallmark of Conn College
  • Andy talks about Connecticut Colleges’faculty mentorship program
  • Andy talks about the two different ways Connecticut College does study abroad
  • Andy talks about the programs that students most frequently name when as reasons they come to file
  • Andy shares the rubric when they read and rate a file
  • Andy describes the kind of application they want to see apply to Connecticut College, and he also shares the type of student that may be the best match
  • How can admissions officers discern if a student has a real love of learning?
  • How should a student decide whether to submit their test scores?
  • Andy goes into more detail about how they use scores
  • Andy talks about the academic reader rating and how they factor historical data into their decisions

You can also listen on Episode 410, Episode 412, and Episode 414

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