Understanding Smith College (MA) with Deb Shaver
YCBK34: There is Hope for the C Student

Interview 14: Deb Shaver on “Understanding Smith College”

Deb Shaver
Deb Shaver, the Dean of Admissions Emerita from Smith College describes what makes Smith special. In this interview, Deb answers the following questions: 1. How did you get into admissions and how did you end up at Smith? 2. What is the history of Smith? 3. What are some common single gender and co-ed overlap schools, and when students select Smith over those schools, what are the most common reasons that they cite as to why they selected Smith? 4. What are some stereotypes or misconceptions about Smith that you feel are inaccurate? 5. Can you talk about the Open Curriculum at Smith and why Smith believes in this? 6. Can you talk about the consortium Smith is in and how it enhances the Smith experience? 7. What makes Smith different from some other Liberal Arts colleges? 8. Why have you stayed at Smith so long? (Length 20:23)

You can also listen on Episode 33

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