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Interview 20: Brendan Williams on “What is FAFSA verification”

Brendan Williams
“This week’s interview is with Brendan Williams, Director of Knowledge for UASpire, a nonprofit organization that help students find an affordable path to college, and they are talking about everything that you need to know about the FAFSA verification. Brendan answers the following questions
1) Brendan, let’s start with the million dollar question, “What is FAFSA verification?
2) Is verification something that is always initiated by the Department of Education or is it ever initiated by the college itself?
3) Do you have any statistics on FAFSA verification? How often does it occur?
4) What are a half dozen or so of the most common reasons a student receives a FAFSA verification requests?
5) What should someone do when they receive a FAFSA verification request?
6) What happens if someone ignores a verification request?
7) What can be done to reduce the chance a student receives a verification request? (Length 43:55)”

You can also listen on Episode 44 and Episode 45

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