Interview 43: Travis Hornsby on "Eliminating student debt"
Northwestern University (IL)

Interview 44: Yancie Davis on “Understanding Macalester”

Yancie Davis
Yancie Davis, an admission officer at Macalester ( in St. Paul’s MN gives us an overview of his college. Give us a basic overview of Macalester College. Mark shares a brief Macalester story. Yancie can you talk about the historic commitment to Internationalism at Macalester? What are the ways where you see the commitment to an International experience? How does Macalester utilize its city location to enhance the educational experience? What type of student will thrive at Macalester, and what type of student that will be better served elsewhere? Who are your overlap schools, and when students select you over your overlaps, what are the reasons they do not choose you? When you lose students to your overlaps, why do students go elsewhere? I know all of your majors are strong but what are some exceptionally strong majors and/or signature programs that you have? (Length 30:20)

You can also listen on Episode 103

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