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Interview 52: Gil Villanueva on “The University of Richmond”

Gil Villanueva
Gil Villanueva starts out by giving us the History of the University of Richmond and then he gives the 2-3 minute elevator pitch so we have a basic overview of Richmond. Gil talks about what makes the Jepson school of Leadership such a marquee program. Gil talks about Richmond’s overlap schools and he shares why students that pick UR, select them over their overlaps. Gil talks about the Richmond Guarantee and he talks about how faculty recruit undergrads to do research with them. Gil talks about some of the most popular majors at UR. Gil talks about what Richmond can do to become an even better school and he talks about a new initiative by president Crucher. Gil talks about the advice he gave his own daughter about college who is a rising senior about the college process. I put Gil on the hot seat and he was ready for me. Parents, listen to the advice Gil has for parents. (Length 35:37)

You can also listen on Episode 130 and Episode 131

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