Interview 55: Lauren Williams on "How to be creative with your activities"
Understanding UC-Santa Barbara (CA) with Lisa Przekop

Interview 56: Lisa Przekop on “Understanding the University of California at Santa Barbara”


Lisa Przekop
I interview Lisa on the topic of, “Understanding UCSB”. Lisa gives the history of UC-Santa Barbara. Lisa gives her 3-4 minute elevator speech about UCSB. Lisa talks about what their biggest overlap schools are and she answers why students pick UCSB over their competitors. Lisa also talks about why they lose students to other schools. Lisa talks about their majors that they are most well-known for and she shares a special program that few know about but it is just outstanding. Lisa defines what an impacted major is at UCSB and she talks about which programs are impacted. Lisa also talks about which programs have the most interest. Lisa talks about their pre-major plan. I ask Lisa what they need to do to become an even better school and Lisa was just so refreshingly honest with me in her answer. I put Lisa on the hotseat and I ask her seven questions as we get to know Lisa outside of her world as an admission professional (20:56)

You can also listen on Episode 136 and Episode 137

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