Interview 55: Lauren Williams on “How to be creative with your activities”


Mark interviews Lauren Williams, daughter of co-host David Williams. Lauren talks about her upbringing and her interests in high school. Lauren talks about what she likes about Yale. We transition to our topic for our interview; How to be creative in the use of your activities, especially in this age of covid-19. Lauren tells us the three creative things she is doing right now.

Lauren Williams
Lauren explains how she is a politico junkie. We do a deep dive into Lauren’s website: We start by talking about where the idea to start the Young came from. Lauren tells us what the Young is designed to do. Lauren tells us who her target market is. Lauren tells all the purposes and functions of the Young Lauren talks about how she is getting the word out about the Young Lauren talks about how she is measuring the impact that the Young vote is having. I ask Lauren if she plans on pursuing a career in politics. And of course, I put Lauren on the hot seat. (36:23)

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