Interview 60: William Segura on “Understanding Emory University”


William Segura did a three-part overview of three ways Emory has read admission files over the last dozen years but now he transitions and he gives his 5-minute overview of Emory University. Will talks about a number of outstanding majors that fly under the radar at Emory; he also talks about the majors that they are most well-known for.

William Segura
Will talks about Oxford college and he explains how Oxford College campus is also just as much a part of Emory as the Atlanta campus is. Will talks about Emory needs to work on to be an even better school. Will talks to us about the CDC, the Center for Disease Control which is on Emory’s campus. Will talks about who the overlap schools are that Emory competes with and he explains why Emory overlaps with certain other universities. Will talks about the athletic success that Emory students have had. Mark closes out by putting Will on our famous hot seat. (Length 31:38)

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