Interview 65: Amin Gonzalez on “Understanding Wesleyan University”


Amin Gonzalez gives an overview of his alma mater, the university where he serves as a VP and Dean of enrollment, Wesleyan university in Middleton, Connecticut. Next Amin talks about what the Open Curriculum means at Wesleyan. After this Amin talks about some of the strongest academic programs and majors at Wesleyan. Amin transitions and discusses who Wesleyan’s overlap schools are.

Amin Gonzalez
He divides these schools Wesleyan shares cross-apps with into different categories. Amin, goes into some more depth about Middleton, the town Wesleyan is located in. Amin let’s us know what Wesleyan needs to do to be an even better school. Amin Gonzalez is the first interviewee we have interviewed who has been at his institution three different times. You can here his initial bio by listening to the first 10-15 minutes of his interview about the Additional Info section of the Common App. I ask Amin, what brought him back to Wesleyan for the third time. (27:42)

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