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YCBK 168: Do Top Colleges Favor Wealthy Applicants?

Interview 67: Julia Hutchinson on “A creative approach to learning what the students are like at the colleges on your list”

Julia Hutchinson

Julia opens by sharing her academic, career and extracurricular interests. Julia shares how she started with Zeemee and transitioned to Zoom and Snap chat. Julia talks about what goes on in these Snap chat and Zoom sessions, and who is in these sessions. Julia discusses about how relationships get forged there.

Julia shares all the things she learned from these Snap and Zoom chats that revolutionized her college search. Julia walks a student through two different ways to get started with these snap chat groups. Julia talks about some of the things she learned about what some of the kids were like at some of the schools on her list. She shares how this information let her know that this is not the kind of student culture she is looking for. Julia found this process really helped her identify her top choice school: Occidental College. We close with me putting Julia on the hot seat. (44:59)

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