University of Colorado-Boulder (CO)
YCBK 179: Social class and college admissions

Interview 70: Courtney Minden on “The New Ways Colleges Recruit Students”

Courtney Minden
  • Courtney gives her backstory, including various admission roles she has had
  • Courtney explains the difference between a VP of Enrollment and a Dean or Director of admission
  • Courtney explains what the Virtual Renaissance is
  • Courtney discusses their senior fellow interview program Babson implemented
  • Courtney tells us what Platform Q is
  • Courtney talks about virtual high school visits and virtual college fairs
  • Courtney gives details about the staggering number of virtual events they did last year
  • Courtney explains why she knows that these virtual events were effective
  • Courtney talks about how student engagement is often tracked; She talks about how a lot of engagement or a lack of engagement can impact admission decisions. Mark and Courtney discuss both demonstrated interest and demonstrated understanding. (Length 50:45)

You can also listen on Episode 176, Episode 177 and Episode 178

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