YCBK 182: Plummeting birthrates impacts colleges [Transcript]
Interview 73: Christina Lopez on "Understanding Barnard College"

Interview 72: Christina Lopez on “Mental Health”

Christina Lopez
  • Christina shares her backstory including her theater background
  • Christina candidly shares her own challenge with her own mental health; how it impacts her on her job, and how she has learned to still excel on her job.
  • Christina relates her own struggles to the struggle’s students are facing with the stress of the college process with covid-19
  • Christina explains how she got so comfortable sharing her own struggles publicly
  • Christina answers the question, how is a student to know whether they should share a mental health struggle, or whether it will sabotage their admission chances. How does the essay differ from what a student would say with the therapist
  • Christina gives her assessment on whether admissions officers are good at understanding and accepting student’s mental health
  • Christina talks about one way Barnard discerns if a student is admissible when they have had mental health challenges
  • Christina closes with a profound statement about what she looks for and likes to see in an essay.

You can also listen on Episode 180 and Episode 181

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