Interview 73: Christina Lopez on “Understanding Barnard College”

  • Christina gives a fantastic 11-minute overview of What makes Barnard special
  • Christina answers nine questions that students, parents and college counselors who listen to YCBK sent in
  • Question 1: How would you characterize the students who attend Barnard?
  • Question 2: Can you elaborate on the partnership with Columbia, what opportunities does it open up and what restrictions are placed on access to classes at Columbia?
  • Question 3: if a student applies to Barnard and Columbia and they get in both, what are the reasons a student picks Barnard over Columbia
  • Question 4: What does Barnard means by “bold” in your college specific question that asks students to elaborate on bold questions
  • Question 5: What do students like the most about Barnard?
Christina Lopez
  • Question 6: What is Barnard’s personality?
  • Question 7: Can you share more about your 4-1 programs and how selective are these programs?
  • Question 8: What questions should a student who has a learning difference ask of student services when comparing schools?
  • Question 9: What does Barnard do to accommodate West coast applicants who are three hours behind East coast time?
  • We close by Christina going on the hot seat in our lightning round

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