Interview 83: Courtney Hatch & Michael Ireland on “Q&A about Paying for Colllege”

  • Courtney Hatch and Michael Ireland both give us their backstory, including their experience as financial aid officers
  • Courtney and Michael answer 13 questions that our listeners sent in
  • Courtney and Michael cover a range of topics including:
  • How to get in-state tuition when you are coming from out of state?
  • how to tell if a private college is healthy financially?
  • How do you appeal an aid award?
  • Do colleges stand behind the results of their Net Price Calculators?
Courtney Hatch & Michael Ireland
  • When are Net Price Calculators not very accurate?
  • Why do financial aid awards vary for the same student?
  • How an Early Estimate is different from a Net Price Calculator projection?
  • What happens if one parent refuses to complete the financial aid forms?
  • How does Work-Study work?
  • What are some common mistakes students and parents make on the FAFSA or the CSS PROFILE?
  • Are you experiencing more schools requiring the FAFSA for merit aid”?

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