Interview 84: Lynda Doepker on “Using Parent Facebook groups to understand the culture of a college”

  • Lynda opens by sharing her backstory
  • Lynda shares some of the great Facebook groups out there that have been invaluable to her
  • Lynda talks about how specific college Facebook groups have really helped her to understand the culture and the vibe of the school
  • Lynda talks about how you find these Facebook groups and how you join
  • Lynda talks about whether you need to have a student at the school in order to join these school-based FB groups
  • Lynda talks about what happens in these Facebook Groups, the kind of conversations, and the various topics that are often discussed
Lynda Doepker
  • Lynda covers topics such as parking, mental health, sorority life, getting into courses, how various schools handle the pandemic, how housing works, etc.
  • Lynda talks about how large these FB groups are
  • Lynda talks about how to balance the parent knowledge with what the student wants
  • Lynda discusses whether you can post anonymously or whether you can speak to a parent privately (37 minutes 23 seconds)

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