YCBK 218: Legacy admissions & ED under attack [Transcript]
Interview 90: Chris Peterson and Kellen Manning on "Understanding MIT"

Interview 89: Chris Peterson and Kellen Manning on “Making Sense of Social Media”

Chris Peterson and Kellen Manning

Our interview is with two MIT admission officers who also have other roles at MIT. Petey and Kellen provide great insights into “what can a student learn from a college’s social media presence”.

In this interview, Petey and Kellen discuss the following:

  • Petey and Kellen give their backstory
  • How MIT uniquely uses blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube
  • Three other powerful forums that often go overlooked: Discord, Reddit, and Quora
  • Their perspective on whether forums like Reddit are valuable forums that they would encourage students or parents to frequent
  • The value of R-MIT
  • How can a student discern the jewels from the junk in social media platforms?
  • Advice to high school students on how they should manage their own social media accounts
  • Whether they look up students’ social media presence when reading their files?
  • Do they recommend students look at social media for clubs they are interested in?

You can also listen on Episode 216 and Episode 217

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