Interview 120: Justin Doty and Paul McGinlay on “How athletic recruiting works at an academically selective D-3 school”

  • Justin Doty (admissions Director) and Paul McGinlay (athletic liaison) have worked on athletic recruitment together for over 20 years at Trinity University. In this interview, they answer the following FAQ
  • Justin and Paul give their backgrounds, including how they got to Trinity
  • How athletic recruitment has changed over the years
  • Justin gives an overview of Trinity University
  • Paul explains what his role of being athletic liaison entails
  • How many students have an athletic hook
  • What Paul looks for first when an athlete reaches out to him
  • When student-athletes should start the recruitment process
  • Justin talks about one thing that almost every serious athlete does
  • Athletic interest forms, should you use them?
  • Who athletes should reach out to
  • Advice about athletic recruitment video
  • How can a student know if an invitation to an ID camp is an attempt to generate revenue?
  • Advice about recruitment services like NCSA and others
  • How can a student know if a coach is serious about them
  • One thing a student can do to make themselves stand out
  • Justin tells us how many kids submit test scores
Justin Doty & Paul McGinlay
  • Justin talks about the type of student-athlete that Trinity attracts
  • Justin talks about what athletic pre-reads are and how they work at Trinity
  • Paul talks about whether some sports get a bigger thumb on the scale than others
  • The role Early Decision plays in athletic recruiting
  • Justin and Paul go on the hot seat

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