Interview 125: Wendy Beckemeyer on “Cornell College”

  • Wendy discusses the six different schools she has done admissions at
  • Wendy shares what distinguishes Cornell College from other colleges
  • Wendy explains what “Block breaks” and “Block friends” are
  • Wendy discusses “One course at a time” and ADD and ADHD
  • Wendy talks about each of the four core values that Cornell College emphasizes
  • Wendy talks about how Cornell has a distinction as a campus that only two colleges in the country share
  • Wendy shares the three things she consistently hears that students and parents are looking for
  • Wendy talks about the upgrades Cornell made to their facilities
  • Wendy talks about some of the strongest majors on campus
  • Wendy talks about the Abet accreditation and what this means
  • Wendy shares two new financial plans Cornell is launching to make paying for college friction-less
  • Wendy shares the type of student that thrives at Cornell College
  • Wendy elaborates on how friendships are forged at Cornell
  • Wendy talks about the core curriculum at Cornell
Wendy Beckemeyer
  • Wendy talks about creativity is expressed at Cornell
  • Wendy talks about what Cornell needs to work on to become an even better school
  • Wendy talks about what she feels Cornell does exceptionally well
  • Wendy talks about how Cornell is extending very generous financial aid to out-of-state students
  • Wendy explains why she selected Cornell as a place to work

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