Interview 130: Hillary Dickman on "What is the Federal Education Records Privacy Act (FERPA)"
Purdue (IN)

Interview 132: Mitch Warren on “Understanding Purdue”

Mitch Warren
  • Mitch tells us how he got into college admissions; he explains the jobs he had before he got his current position, and he tells us about his family and his favorite hobby.
  • Mitch tells us who Purdue is. He tells us about the main campus and four other opportunities to go to Purdue other than the main campus.
  • Mitch answers the question, “Why Purdue.”
  • Mitch describes the student that does well at Purdue
  • Mitch discusses the student who struggles at Purdue
  • Mitch tells us What Purdue Global is and how it differs from the other campuses
  • Mitch talks about how the satellite campuses are different from the West Lafayette campus
  • Mitch explains whether you can transfer to Purdue’s most competitive programs
  • Mitch talks about some of the robust programs Purdue has that often fly under the radar
  • Mitch answers a few questions about “impacted majors.”
  • Mitch talks about the importance of applying Early Action
  • Mitch explains what “Exploratory studies” is
  • Mitch talks about the “First-year engineering program.”
  • Mitch answers the question, can a student do an internal transfer from one major to another at the main campus?
  • Mitch tells us about West Lafayette as a city
  • Mitch answers a question a listener sent in about co-ops.
  • Mitch talks about the application process and the strengths of the Honors College
  • Mitch explains the difference between test-flexible and test-optional.
  • Mitch explains why Purdue is requiring test scores for the Class of 2024
  • Mitch talks about the other things the admission officers look for at Purdue
  • Mitch talks about the Personal Quality that can make an applicant standout
  • Mitch talks about how to handle human error when it occurs
  • Mitch talks about how Purdue uses seasonal readers
  • Mitch goes on the hotseat.

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