Interview 145: Dr. Louis Newman on "Thinking Critically in College"
Interview 147: Irena Smith on "The Golden Ticket: A Life in College Admission Essays"

Interview 146: Elliot Felix on “How to get the most out of College”

Elliot Felix
  • Elliot talks about his journey from an architect to an author
  • Introduction of the topic of “How to go to college”
  • Where do you live is a big part of how you go to college, Elliot shares the research
  • Elliot talks about the value of Living Learning Communities
  • Elliot talks about the new mindset that is required to maximize the value of college
  • Elliot talks about the underutilized resources on a college campus
  • Elliot talks about the perfect flywheel that lets students maximize the value of college
  • Elliot shares his view on internships, and he shares Gallup’s research on internships
  • Elliot talks about the value of the alumni office
  • Elliot talks about what colleges can do to remove barriers and make it easier for students to excel while in college

You can also listen on Episode 334, and Episode 336

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