Dartmouth College (NH)
Interview 162: Marissa Salazar on "Six ways to visit a college"

Interview 161: Derek Terrell on “Understanding the Coalition for College”

  • Derek explains his backstory, walking us right up to his current role as the Director of Community Engagement for the Coalition for College
  • Derek explains the mission of the Coalition for College
  • Derek explains what criteria a college needs to meet in order to become a member of the Coalition for College
  • Derek talks about what is involved in the partnership between the Coalition for College and Scoir
  • Derek explains who Scoir is and what the platform provides
  • Derek explains why a student should use Scoir to apply to college compared to other means of applying to college.
  • Derek talks about the partnership that Scoir has with over 500 Community-Based Organizations
  • Derek talks about how the advisor portal works within the Coalition and Scoir partnership.
  • Derek explains some new and exciting things that the Coalition and Scoire will be rolling out over the next 3-5 years
  • Derek talks about the resources that are built into the Coalition for College for parents.
  • Derek tells us about the benefits of being part of the Coalition
  • Derek talks about the biggest barriers the colleges face to providing access and equity.
  • Derek advises how students, parents, guardians, and college counselors can take advantage of the resources the Coalition for College offers.
  • Derek goes on the hot seat in our lightning-round

You can also listen on Episode 382, and Episode 384

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