YCBK27: What Is the Parent’s Role in Helping with the College Process?
YCBK27: What Is the Parent’s Role in Helping with the College Process? [Transcript]

Interview 10: David Gelinas on “Explanation of why colleges differ in what they ask you to pay”

David Gelinas
David Gelinas is the Senior Associate Dean and the Director of Financial Aid at Davidson College. David talks about why two schools ask the same person to pay a different amount. He comments on how the philosophy of a school toward need-based aid impacts their award. Mr. Gelinas talks about endowment and he explains the purpose of the FAFSA and the PROFILE. David discusses medical and dental expenses, private K-12 tuition for a sibling, a working spouse, using your home as a deduction for a business, depreciation, outside scholarships, merit based aid, competitor aid offers and net price calculators. David and Mark converse about whether the financial formula is fair. They discuss borrowing and Parent PLUS loans. Mr. Gelinas describes how discretionary income differs from non-discretionary income, David discusses the financial aid formula that will determine if a student is eligible to receive any need-based aid. (Length 48:13)

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