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Interview 23: Rick Clark on “How to respond to different admission decisions”

Rick Clark
Rick Clark is the Director of Undergraduate admissions at Georgia Tech. We discuss the proper way to handle the four different admissions decisions.
1. What is a deferral and what ways you have seen students and parents respond to a deferral?
2. Can you share the ways in which colleges and universities communicate decisions?
3. What are some misconceptions why students are denied?
4. What are some ways students and parents respond to denials and what is your advice about how to properly handle a denial?
5. How is a wait-list different from a deferral?
6. What are the different reasons schools wait-list students?
7. What is your advice about how to properly handle a wait list decision?
8. What are some things to avoid doing when you are admitted?
9. Can you talk about what a “Gap year is and when it makes sense to take one? (Length 55:24)

You can also listen on Episode 49 and Episode 50

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