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Interview 33: Greg Roberts on “Understanding the University of Virginia”

Greg Roberts
Mark interviews Greg Roberts, Dean of Admissions, at the University of Virginia “What is a Public University and how is the structure of a public university different from a private university?” What are some unique political pressures that public universities face? How is the admission process different for publics? Greg, just exactly who the University of Virginia is?Let’s start with Architecture, what would you like to share?College of Arts and Sciences?Curry School of Education?McIntire School of Commerce? Batten School of Leadership and Public policy? Your new Data Scienc school?How is your approach to engineering different from Virgiia Tech’s approach? Nursing-What type of internal conversations did UVA have in the aftermath of Charlottesville? Nursing?, Why UVA has such a high graduation rate? Why UVA has such a high graduation rate?What type of student makes a good match for UVA? (Length 1:18:05)

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