Hillsdale College (MI)
YCBK 111: Forced into Marriage for Financial Aid

Interview 46: Mark Kantrowitz on “How to appeal a financial aid award”

Mark Kantrowitz
Mark explains his background and he explains where his passion for scholarships and financial aid comes from. Mark explains what special circumstances are. Mark explains why colleges that charge a lot more are often the ones who are more willing to adjust their aid award. Mark talks about some of the expenses that are unlikely to be grounds for a successful appeal. Mark talks about the difference between the FAFSA and the PROFILE and how this impacts the aid award a family receives. Mark discusses: Parent student loans, elderly care, a special needs child, one parent refusing to pay their fair share; Mark also explains what the dependency override is. Mark discusses the competitor aid award appeal; We discuss what Preferential packaging is and how this can impact aid award appeals. We talk about how do you appeal an aid award. What do you say and who do you address your appeal to? (Length 1:32:50)

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