Interview 63: Chika Nwosu on “My College Process”


Chika discusses the ways in which college has been different than she expected. Chika shares what is the hardest part of being a college student. Chika explains what PRISM is. Chika discusses how she utilizes being right by the city of Miami. Chika tells us what the Footfellow program is. Chika talks about what she is involved in when it comes to clubs, sororities, fraternities and service opportunities.

Chika Nwosu
Chika talks about what the classes are like. Chika talks about the MSP program. Chika talks about what life at Miami was like pre-Covid-19 vs post Covid 19, Chika debunks some stereotypes about the U. Chika gives her advice about the one thing that juniors and seniors can do now. Chika talks about the type of student that she feels is a good match for Miami. She talks about which academic departments at U Miami are the best Chika tells us her future plans. Chika ends with one more tidbit of advice for students. (47:58)

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