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YCBK 191: State colleges prioritize out of state kids

Interview 76: Eric Furda on “Q&A About Highly Selective Colleges”

Eric Furda
  • What he has learned from going from an admission Dean to a college counselor
  • How colleges are handling challenges like: increased costs, the demographic cliff and the birth dearth that threaten to decrease the pool of applicants?
  • How do colleges project their yield (percentage of accepts who enroll)?
  • A creative way to know what a school’s institutional priorities are
  • Teacher advice: what to focus on when you write a teacher recommendation
  • What is a good AP score?
  • What AP score should a student submit versus not submit?
  • When should a student submit their ACT/SAT score, and when should they choose to apply test optional?
  • How colleges use college-specific questions to learn important things about the applicants
  • What are the things that are misunderstood about selective institutions?
  • How is UPenn different from Columbia?
  • Eric goes on the hot seat and answers several personal questions

You can also listen on Episode 188, Episode 189 and Episode 190

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