Interview 88: Mark Salisbury on “Understanding how Tuition Fit helps students and parents”

  • Mark gives his backstory
  • Mark tells us why he started Tuition Fit
  • Mark explains how Tuition fit works
  • Mark talks about how he gets these aid awards and how he convinces students, parents, or counselors, to submit their aid awards to Tuition fit
  • Mark talks about the two core principles that Tuitionfit was founded on
  • Mark talks about the mechanics of how an interested student or parent creates an account and what are the next steps
Mark Salisbury
  • Mark talks about how Tuitionfit safeguards for authenticity and privacy
  • Mark shares what a parent gets in return for sharing their student’s aid awards with Tuitionfit
  • Mark explains how a family can use tuition fit to see award letters if they do not have an award letter to update but they want to know the information.
  • I put Mark on an extended hot seat
  • Mark explains how you can reach out to him with a question, or if you want him to speak to a school group or other group that needs to hear this invaluable information

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