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Interview 122: Arlene Cash on "Wisdom from 5 decades as an admissions leader"

Interview 121: Milyon Trulove on “Why Reed rejects US News rankings”

Milyon Truelove
  • Milyon shares his interesting background
  • Milyon explains what he means by cooking the books and he gives an example of how easy it is to “cook the books”
  • Milyon answers the question, “Did US News single out Reed and drop their ranking when they refused to participate in the their rankings?
  • Milyon answers the question, how much pressure admission leaders feel to move up the ranking or keep their ranking at the level they are at
  • How much would movement in the rankings impact Reed
  • Does Reed uniquely benefit because they flouted US News Ranking
  • Milyon comments on the new book by former Reed President, Breaking Ranks: How the Rankings Industry Rules Higher Education and What to Do about It
  • Milyon explains why he likes “test-blind”
  • Milyon talks about whether the rankings are helpful in any way
  • Mark and Milyon discuss the downside of putting too much emphasis on the number of Pell recipients in your recruitment

You can also listen on Episode 275, and Episode 277

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