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Interview 153: Ben Neely on “Revolution Prep-Understanding the New Digital SAT”

Ben Neely
  • Ben gives his background starting in the 90’s as an SAT test instructor, the various rolls he has had in the test prep industry, all the way up to what he is doing now
  • Ben explains why the College Board went from a paper test to a Digital Test
  • Ben explains the differences between the paper and pencil SAT to the new computerized SAT
  • Ben explains the difference between question by question adaptive vs adaptive by section and he debunks some myths about adaptive tests
  • Ben shares what is the best way for a student to study for the new digital SAT
  • Ben shares the biggest content change on the new test
  • Ben answers the question, should students prep with the current paper and pencil test
  • Ben explains how accommodations are going to work for the new Digital test
  • Ben explains whether the test is offered at testing centers or only at educational institutions
  • Ben gives advice about whether juniors should take the paper SAT by December or just start prepping for the Digital Test now
  • Ben answers the question, are schools going to SuperScore the SAT score between the paper and pencil test for one section and the Digital test for another section
  • Ben talks about what happens if there is a power outage when a student is taking the new Digital SAT
  • Ben talks about his biggest fear about what could be a problem with the new Digital SAT
  • Ben talks about how the Digital SAT is working now for International students
  • Ben answers the question, will the ACT and AP exams be going to a computerized test
  • Ben lets us know how soon a student will have to wait to find out about their test scores
  • Ben gives his overall assessment on whether the decision to move to a Digital SAT is a good decision or a bad decision
  • Ben shares some words of wisdom that will help in approaching the new tests

You can also listen on Episode 352, Episode 354, and Episode 356

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