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Winthrop University (SC)

Interview 38: Tara Kalinisan on “College Fairs, Info Sessions, Interviews and what admission counselors do”

Tara Kalinisan
Mark interviews one of his former students, Tara Kalinisan, the Assistant Director of Admissions at Smith College.
Tara shares her background of how she got involved in admissions. What are the do’s and don’ts for a student at a college information session? Tara gives us tips on what to do to stand out a college fair. She shares the questions that she does not believe students should ask, as well as the kind of questions she does like at fairs. Next we discuss admission interviews on the road and Tara gives her thoughts on whether a student should interview. Tara talks about how to prepare for an interview and she talks about what colleges are looking for in interviews. Tara talks about whether students should brag in an interview. Tara then spends about forty minutes walking us through the four seasons for the admissions officer, letting us know what they do month by month. (Length 1:22:53)

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