YCBK 120: The importance of kindness in college admissions [Transcript]
YCBK 121: More Scrutiny of Legacy Admissions

Interview 49: Vincent Garcia on “Understanding Cal State University schools”

Vincent Garcia
Vince gives his backstory, including his admission experience. Vince shares how the CSU schools differ from the UC schools. Vince shares how applicants are evaluated at the CSU’s. Vince talks about how selective CSU’s are. I ask Vince if CSU schools can compete with UC schools at matriculating students. Vince and I talk about the graduation rates at the CSU schools.I ask Vince if CSU’s have themes to them. Vince answers multiple questions about impacted majors. We talk about the advantages of starting out at community college. We discuss how GPA’s are calculated at CSU schools and Vince talks about the CSU eligibility calculator. I ask Vince if you can predict CSU decisions in advance. Vince gives some tips for transfer students. I ask Vince how out of state status impacts the admission process. I ask Vince how to get scholarships and need-based aid at CSU schools. (Length 69 minutes)

You can also listen on Episode 117, Episode 118, Episode 119 and Episode 120

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