YCBK 399: How do admission officers read an admissions file [Transcript]
Interview 164: Dan and Mary Lachance on "Opportunities in Cyber Security Careers"

Interview 163: Soup Campbell on “How to use Zeemee”

  • How Zeemee helps students to understand a college and connect with other students
  • Soup starts out talking about how Zeemee has changed in the last five years
  • Soup talks about his background in admissions, high school, teaching and social media
  • Soup talks about Zeemee is different from Instagram, Snap Chat, Tik Tok and Discord
  • Soup talks about why colleges like Zeemee so much
  • Do students know Zeemee is aware of what they are saying in the chat room
  • Soup talks about whether Zeemee sells their data
  • How does Zeemee get the word out to students about their services
  • Soup answers the question, “who is moderating the chat rooms”
  • Soup talks about how full moderation control works on Zeemee
  • Soup talks about whether Zeemee students are also on Insta and Snapchat and Discord
  • Is there a uniform standard for denouncing things like hate speech and foul language?
  • Soup discusses how the roommate matching process works with Zeemee
  • Soup talks about how Zeemee creates friend groups
  • Is Zeemee used by colleges as a demonstrated interest test.
  • Soup lets us know if students join one Zeemee community or more than one
  • What metrics can colleges get on students who use the Zeemee community
  • Soup explains how bulk messaging works on Zeemee
  • Soup talks about how chat channels support students with affinity groups
  • Soup talks about whether Zeemee is available to students outside of the US
  • Soup answers if International universities are on Zeemee
  • Soup talks about the types of students on Zeemee
  • Soup talks about the top 10 schools for engagement
  • Soup talks about the live events colleges host
  • Soup talks about the amazing brand partnerships Zeemee has
  • Soup explains what the virtual backpack is
  • Soup explains why Ed Sharon exclusively uses Zeemee
  • Soup talks about a company could help a student get amazing things for their dorm without sending them activities
  • Soup talks about other new things that are on the horizon for Zeemee
  • Soup talks about dark mode themes
  • Soup talks about whether Zeemee will have a desktop version
  • Soup talks about the similarities between Zeemee and Discord
  • Soup talks about whether he could see Zeemee for alumni or for job searches
  • Soup talks about the really cool things colleges are doing to help with student orientation and he mentions several other key areas of the student experience colleges are experimenting with
  • Soup gives his advice for students, parents and college counselors

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