YCBK 165: 2021 College Admission Predictions [Transcript]
San Diego State University (CA)

Interview 66: Julia Esquivel on “How to work effectively with your school counselor”

Julia Esquivel

Julia shares her backstory. Julia talks about the difference between being a full-time admission counselor vs being an outside reader. Julia explains what the Secondary school report is. We talk about what “the School Profile is” and how is it used by admission counselors. Julia talks about the difference between a School counselor and a college counselor. Julia, gives counselors tips about writing rec letters.

Julia shares the things that she didn’t understand about HS students until she left admissions and started doing college counseling. Julia shares what students do now to make themselves stand out with their school or college counselor. Julia talks about the most rewarding parts of being a college counselor. Then Julia talks about the hardest parts of the job as a counselor. I ask Julia three of the hardest questions I get as a college counselor. Julia explains what a counselor call is, why they occur, what occurs on a counselor call and what trends she is observing. (1:56)

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